Beach Bubble pops up in the Maldives

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Finolhu’s new ‘Beach Bubble’ tent looks like an oversized snow globe.  Visitors to the island in the Maldives are invited to take the escapist route and glamp for a night in the fancy new inflatable tent, which will be pegged onto the shoreline on the beach.  The pristine white sands of the Maldives are set to host the next step up in luxury outdoor accommodation with the launch of Finolhu’s stunning new ‘Beach Bubble’ tent, which is sure to pop up on bucket lists for travellers from around the world.

First of its kind
The transparent inflatable bubble will be the first of its kind on the archipelago and will be perfectly placed on a secluded stretch of white sand known as the Fish & Crab Shack sandbank. Designers at Eye in the Sky have created the bubble with all the creature comforts such as downy duvets, arty rugs and a beautiful framed bed.

But of course, it’s those unrivalled views and encounters with nature that the designers at Eye In The Sky are celebrating. The interior is decked out with wooden floors and bespoke furnishings with a separate adjoining bubble bathroom and shower. While many of the world’s best glampsites are graced with backdrops of pristine forests and sweeping fjords, the custom-designed Beach Bubble will be an inflatable piece of fancy flotsam on the beach.

Beach bubble, Finolhu, The Maldives, Best glampsite in the world, Eye in the Sky, Best beach glampsite in the world

Stellar experience
The custom-designed Beach Bubble will be located far from the hustle and bustle of 1 OAK Beach Club and will be available exclusively for one-night-only, romantic starlit experiences. The experience includes a fresh lunch at the Fish & Crab Shack and continues with a sunset stroll that leads guests along the beach to their unique little patch of sand. Glampers can choose to relax in the Beach Bubble or indulge in a Maldivian beach BBQ. Breakfast on the edge of the beach as the sun comes up will also up the ante on this escapist adventure.

The bubble itself is constructed from a tough high-tech polyester fabric that is fully UV-protected, waterproof and climate controlled and promises complete immersion into the natural surrounds. From sunsets to sunrises, lapping waves to golden sand, the entire secluded stretch of sand will be all yours for one night.

The luxury glampsite, set within Baa Atoll and a half-hour seaplane ride from the airport in Male, is 1.5km from the 1 Oak Beach Club and far from the villas that occupy the lagoon and main beach areas. Visit Finolhu to find out more about the Dream Eclipse experience.



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