Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, USA

Kiefer Rodin, Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, Auguste Rodin, Musée Rodin

To mark the centennial of the death of French sculptor Auguste Rodin on 17 November 1917, the Barnes Foundation is now hosting Kiefer Rodin, a major exhibition organised in collaboration with the Musée Rodin in Paris.

The exhibition features recent works by contemporary artist Anselm Kiefer that offer a new way of understanding Rodin, some of whose work will also be on show.

Sylvie Patry, co-curator of the exhibition, says: “In Kiefer Rodin, the relationship between the work of Anselm Kiefer and Auguste Rodin is fascinating, as is the synergy between their artistic practices and philosophies. Although separated by 100 years, the two artists participate in a dynamic exchange. Kiefer has defined his role in this project as being a ‘wanderer between worlds’.”

Kiefer Rodin, Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, Auguste Rodin, Musée Rodin

The exhibition brings together more than 100 works, including several large-scale illustrated books by Kiefer made in homage to Rodin from materials such as plaster; a series of large paintings titled Cathedral Towers; and vitrines filled with assorted objects including molds, dried plants, stones, and pieces of fabric. Also included are 17 drawings and watercolours, sculptures such as Crouching Woman, Meditation without Arms and Torso of a Young Woman with Arched Back, and rarely displayed plasters, all by Rodin.

The exhibition is on until 12 March, 2018.

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