Balloons over Bagan

There are few experiences that could top a balloon ride over the temples of Bagan in central Myanmar.

The aerial view of Bagan is seriously impressive with temples dotted around in the sea of green. Sometimes you may fly over villages and see people on their early morning rounds, feeding their animals or going to market.


The balloon flight is rated as one of the top activities for visitors to Bagan on TripAdvisor. Balloons over Bagan has an impeccable safety track record since its inception 18 years ago and operates 12 hot air balloons in the area as well as two balloons at Inle, a new location.

The Inle flights are an extraordinary way to experience one of Myanmar’s most scenic and cultural attractions as local Inthar fishermen are out looking for the first catch of the day and boats laden with produce are on their way to the market through a maze of canals.


Enjoy breakfast next to one of the beautiful Shan villages after the flight. The ultimate experience is a two-day balloon safari of Inle and Pindaya.

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