Author: Michael Wayne

Papua New Guinea Highlands

Brought to light: hidden cultures of Papua New Guinea

As Papua New Guinea blooms, cultures and customs once unknown to the world are taking centre stage for the first time.

Natural selection: Tottori

Natural selection: the wonders of Tottori

Located on Japan’s west coast, Tottori isn’t exactly highly populated, but what it lacks in people it makes up for with a rich range of natural bounties.


Reaching out to the innermost region of Kyoto

The team behind APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU have made room for you to live like a local in the two most attractive cities of Japan: Tokyo and Kyoto.

Universal Studios Japan: a blockbuster journey

A blockbuster journey to Universal Studios Japan

With so many worlds within reach, Universal Studios Japan theme park is a wild journey into some of your favourite blockbuster movies!