Author: Barry Stone

Gliding lightly through the Arctic on Hurtigruten's MS Roald Amundsen cruise

Gliding lightly through the Arctic

Welcome to the new age of sustainable cruising, as we board Hurtigruten’s new polar expedition ship.

Koks Restaurant tasting hut

Tried & Tested: Koks Restaurant, Faroe Islands

This unlikely two-starred Michelin restaurant on the edge of the North Atlantic ocean is a dining experience like no other.

Tried & Tested: AWASI Atacama, Chile

Tried & Tested: AWASI Atacama, Chile

AWASI Atacama, Chile has the spirit of a true oasis with its fire pits and swimming pool and superb mix of international and Andean cuisine. 

Seven stunning Australian hikes

From water-logged coastal trails to our dry, baked, red interior, 1001 Walks author Barry Stone brings us seven of his favourite Aussie hiking trails

Hawai'i: Flying over a volcano feet first

The only way to experience the feisty Kilauea volcano on Hawai’s Big Island, is on a helicopter tour, sans doors, says Barry Stone.

Top seven New Zealand hikes

1001 Walks author and hiking expert Barry Stone rounds up his top seven favourite NZ walks of all time