A $32M whale-shaped underwater observatory is opening next year

Australia has an affinity for all things big – the Big Prawn, the Big Banana – and the Australian Underwater Discovery Centre will be no exception.

The whale-shaped underwater observatory will sit at the end of the southern hemisphere’s longest jetty, Busselton Jetty in WA.

Busselton Jetty will break another record when the observatory opens in December 2022. It will be the world’s largest natural marine observatory.

Busselton Jetty WA
The AUDC will sit at the end of Busselton Jetty © Canva

The Australian Underwater Discovery Centre will span 900-square metres across several levels.

Panoramic glass windows will also be a big feature, some measuring up to 5.5 metres by 12 metres. A partially submerged window called the ‘cetecean’s eye will let visitors view the ocean life.

“This is as authentic as it gets because people are in the tank and the fish are looking in,” says Busselton Jetty Chair Barry House.

Underwater observatory at Australian Underwater Discovery Centre
The cetecean’s eye at the AUDC © Busselton Jetty Media

The $32 million development will feature the underwater observatory and the Busselton Jetty Village Food and Beverage facility.

“By adding underwater dining, underwater sculptures, marine art and other features, this project will enhance the Busselton Jetty 156-year-old experience,” says House.

Construction alone will create nearly 200 jobs and once the whale-shaped observatory is operational thousands of jobs will be created. It is estimated it will return $200 million in economic benefit to WA.

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