Warm your soul this winter in the Mornington Peninsula

Restore and recharge at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse’s three-day retreat.

Looking for a winter wellness retreat to up your energy? Unwind at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse’s all-inclusive three-day group wellness retreat from 6 to 8 August. 

Immerse in therapeutic experiences to restore and recover the body while the fresh sea air and slower pace of coastal life add to your R&R. This package includes stunning accommodation at the adjoining InterContinental Sorrento Hotel and nutritious meals. Plus, unlimited bathhouse access, wellness workshops, yoga classes, invigorating coastal walks, and customised Aurora Spa experiences. It’s the perfect way to focus on YOU.

Unwind at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse's all-inclusive three-day group wellness retreat from 6 to 8 August.

Customised and curated

Select a treatment that best suits your individual needs. These include Wellness Refuel treatments with a focus on detoxing and de-stressing.

  • Detoxifying body wrap: Combing potent botanicals and minerals with therapeutic techniques to detoxify, tone, and revitalise your skin
  • Holistic facial therapy: A complete well-being experience with a neck and shoulder massage, ​a blend of customised botanically active products to deep cleanse and exfoliate, and Kansa wands (the ancient Ayurvedic beauty tool for balancing pH and promoting lymphatic drainage)
  • Precision power percussion massage: A electromechanical percussive massage machine using deep and targeted manipulation of the muscles and soft tissue to bring you tangible results

Or decide on a Beauty Boost treatment for holistic face and body rejuvenation.

  • Biologique Recherche skin health facial: The use of raw, cold-formulated active ingredients in high concentration with French draining and lifting massage techniques and the physiotherapist-designed Remodelling Face machine to lift, tone, sculpt, oxygenate, and increase penetration of active ingredients
  • Biologique Recherche body treatment: A potent cocktail of products and techniques to detoxify the epidermis, firm and tone the skin, eliminate impurities, and alleviate water retention

Retreat date & details

​Dates: 6 to 8 August ​2023
Price per person: ​Single Cosy Heritage King: $2,495 ​
Single Premium Terrace King: $2,695 ​
Twin Share Premium Terrace King: ​ $2,195

About Aurora Spa & Bathhouse

Aurora Spa & Bathhouse is a luxurious wellness centre set within the InterContinental Sorrento on the idyllic coast of the Mornington Peninsula. Inspired by the healing powers of water and ancient European curative water therapies, the Aurora Spa & Bathhouse experience offers guests ancient bathing traditions with a modern twist. That includes spa rituals and the powerfully regenerative benefits of hot and cold contrast therapy.

Accommodating up to 60 guests at a time, the Aurora Spa & Bathhouse offers a year-round indoor bathing experience. Guests can explore the subterranean space at leisure or follow Aurora’s Bathing Ritual. This ten-step immersive bathing journey with a circuit of hot and cold experiences is designed for optimal well-being and features hydro massage and magnesium mineral-rich waters. 

​Aurora Spa & Bathhouse is a luxurious wellness centre set within the InterContinental Sorrento

If seeking individual treatments, the Aurora Spa offerings include a magnesium float room and eight treatment rooms to accommodate singles and couples. Plus, the Aurora Spa Store, with its own apothecary station to create bespoke salt blends. ​ 

Address:  23 Constitution Hill Road, Sorrento, Victoria ​
Instagram: @auroraspaandbathhouse
Facebook: auroraspaandbathhouse

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