Aurora Goes Polar


The vast Antarctic wilderness will be showcased in three spectacular programs with Aurora Expeditions aboard the 54-passenger Polar Pioneer in 2016 and 2017. A former research vessel that was converted into a passenger ship for Polar expeditions and carrying just 54 passengers, guests are able to venture into Antarctica’s most remote frontiers from a choice of a 12-18-day expeditions.

Choose ‘Photographer’s First Light’, an 18-day expedition to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula departing 19 November 2016 with polar photographer and guide Antony Watson, ‘In Shackleton’s Footsteps’, an 18-day expedition departing 8 March 2017 that retraces Shackleton’s infamous Endurance expedition or the ‘Spirit of Antarctica’, a 12-day expedition departing 6 December 2016 that includes kayaking, climbing and camping.

Each voyage will be guided by Aurora Expeditions’ team of naturalists, historians and polar specialists.