Art meets food at AYA Restaurant

AYA Restaurant, the quirky creation of owners Juanjo Suárez, Rafael Sanchez, Christian Gastaldi and chef Marco Cueva, offers a fusion of Peruvian-Asian cuisines in Seminyak.

Renowned Chef Marco Cuevas’ incredible food draws inspiration from the streets and is combined with international beats and eclectic global street art.

“We have created a fine dining experience delivered in a fun, affordable way in a modern, authentically urban setting,” owner Rafael Sanchez says.

“AYA is a haven for freedom and the arts and we look to inspire and educate our guests in the virtues of Peruvian gastronomy and modern culture.”

Helen Milne has curated the eclectic interiors that perfectly capture the vibrant street atmosphere.

All artworks are for sale including a huge mural by renowned London artist D*Face and a beautiful mosaic ‘Camino Ardiente Hacia la Luz’ inspired by Maximo Laura Camino, award winning Peruvian tapestry weaver. The pieces constantly rotate to keep the collection fresh.

AYA’s serene open kitchen juxtaposes the vibrant art, with tiles made from recycled glass and remoulded to represent fish scales, reflecting the predominance of AYA’s signature raw fish dishes.

The restaurant has prominent pillars that are covered in wood hand carved by a village in Jepara, Indonesia, and Peruvian-style hand carved tiles.

Chef Marco Cueva’s menu is an exemplary showcase of Peruvian cuisine combined with locally sourced ingredients that give the food an Indonesian twist.

The food is served on eccentric handmade ceramics crafted specifically for Chef Marco’s food.

Food inspiration comes from the Indigenous Inca population and elements introduced by Asian immigrants, with a focus on Peruvian-Japanese and Peruvian-Chinese.

The chefs are happy to describe the dishes in their open kitchen where guests can view the display of all the creative dishes.

Guests can sit at the Ceviche Bar with great beats and stunning art, with a variety of cocktails and tapas.

The selection of street artwork and delicious food makes AYA both a restaurant and gallery that awakens the senses.

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