How to maximise your annual leave days in 2024

We all need a break from work to relax and recharge, and the average weekend or public holiday isn’t enough. While many of us dream of a mid-year summer sojourn to Santorini or a Christmas escape with the family, few of us have enough accrued annual leave days to take flight whenever we want. However, with careful forward planning and public holiday knowledge, anyone can transform 24 days of annual leave into 58 days off. This is our guide to maximising your annual leave days in 2024.

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Australia Day

Australia Day falls on Friday 26 January. Maximise your annual leave days in 2024 by turning four days into a nine-day break. 

  • Saturday, 20 January: Weekend
  • Sunday, 21 January: Weekend
  • Monday, 22 January: Annual leave
  • Tuesday, 23 January: Annual leave
  • Wednesday, 24 January: Annual leave
  • Thursday, 25 January: Annual leave
  • Friday, 26 January: Public holiday
  • Saturday, 27 January: Weekend
  • Sunday, 28 January: Weekend
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Easter/Anzac Day

Play your cards right and you can turn eight days of annual leave into a 16-day escape. 

  • Saturday, 23 March: Weekend
  • Sunday, 24 March: Weekend
  • Monday, 25 March: Annual leave
  • Tuesday, 26 March: Annual leave
  • Wednesday, 27 March: Annual leave
  • Thursday, 28 March: Annual leave
  • Friday, 29 March: Public holiday
  • Saturday, 30 March: Weekend
  • Sunday, 31 March: Weekend
  • Monday, 1 April: Public holiday
  • Tuesday, 2 April: Annual leave
  • Wednesday, 3 April: Annual leave
  • Thursday, 4 April: Annual leave
  • Friday, 5 April: Annual leave
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King’s Birthday

(This applies to all states except QLD and WA) 

Use just four days of annual leave to get a nine-day holiday with smart forward planning.

  • Saturday, 8 June: Weekend
  • Sunday, 9 June: Weekend
  • Monday, 10 June: Public holiday
  • Tuesday, 11 June: Annual leave
  • Wednesday, 12 June: Annual leave
  • Thursday, 13 June: Annual leave
  • Friday, 14 June: Annual leave
  • Saturday, 15 June: Weekend
  • Sunday, 16 June: Weekend
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Christmas/New Year

Get organised and sort your Christmas vacation now and five (NT, SA), six (QLD) or seven (all other states) days of annual leave will score you a 14-day break to eat, drink and be merry.

  • Saturday, 21 December: Weekend
  • Sunday, 22 December: Weekend
  • Monday, 23 December: Annual leave
  • Tuesday, 25 December: Annual leave (unless you’re in the NT, QLD or SA)
  • Wednesday, 25 December: Public holiday
  • Thursday, 26 December: Public holiday
  • Friday, 27 December: Annual leave
  • Saturday, 28 December: Weekend
  • Sunday, 29 December: Weekend
  • Monday, 30 December: Annual leave
  • Tuesday, 31 December: Annual leave (unless you’re in SA or the NT)
  • Wednesday, 1 January: Public holiday
  • Thursday, 2 January: Annual leave
  • Friday, 3 January: Annual leave
  • Saturday, 4 January: Weekend
  • Sunday, 5 January: Weekend

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