‘What the hell is this?’: American’s brutal review of British beach

An American’s video review of a “horrible day” at a British beach has left the world in stitches.

Nick Alexander or Mr Miami UK as he goes by on TikTok, recently moved from Miami to Wolverhampton UK.

He has been posting videos to his account reviewing his experience of life in Britain.

Nick’s latest culture shock didn’t amuse him but it certainly amused viewers, with the video racking up more than 135,000 views.

american's review british beach
Nick and his friends were expecting a pleasant day at the beach © @mr.miami_uk TikTok

The brutal review

In the viral video, he explains to viewers: “TikTok, today I tried to go swimming in a British beach and it didn’t work out so well.”

At first, Nick and his friends were “vibing” in the hot weather.

Things started to go south when they “pulled up on some God damn mud.”

Nick and his friends found themselves struggling through mud to get to the beach that he says was “like 20 miles away.”

American's review british beach
Things start to go wrong for Mr Miami © @mr.miami_uk TikTok

Less than impressed Nick begins his review: “I don’t know who decided to call this place a beach but where I come from beaches don’t look like this.”

“It’s just horrible. What the hell is this” he said of Weston Super Mare Beach

To add insult to injury Nick says he didn’t get to go swimming and he lost his wallet.

Nick sums up his beach experience, “Overall it ended up being an absolutely s**t day.”

You have to appreciate his honesty.

TikTok viewers loved the American’s brutal review of the British beach.

“I actually laughed out loud this is so accurate,” said one viewer.

Another says: “Omg I’m from Bristol and I would legit never go in the water at Weston 😂😂”

American's review british beach
Nick has just one thing to say about his time at Weston Super Mare Beach © @mr.miami_uk TikTok

Nick wants a British beach redo.

He pleads with fellow TikTokers “Someone needs to take me to a real UK Beach please!!”

“Next time try Studland or perhaps Woolacombe,” advises one user.

We’ll be on standby for the American’s next review of a British beach.

We can only hope it’s better than this one.

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