Stars and stripes on the river

American Cruise Line

The USA’s great waterways have long been at the centre of the nation’s history, music and literature.

Now American Cruise Lines is offering aficionados a taste of American culture on a variety of themed cruises that retrace the river trails of explorers, Lewis and Clark, author Mark Twain’s Old Man River, and the Blue and the Gray armies of the American Civil War.

Adding to the incredible line-up are also the music cruises along the Mississippi; the birthplace of jazz and the Blues, as well as the Nashville Country and Blues Cruise with visits to the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

For a taste of New England’s craggy maritime coast, American Cruise Line has also unveiled its Lobsterbake and Crabfest cruises, which charter the inlets of Chesapeake Bay.

For wine connoisseurs, the Food and Wine culinary cruises along the Columbia and Snake Rivers cover every taste sensation and cultivated vine from the rugged Northwest States.

Offering 35 itineraries on 10 small cruise ships, modern riverboats and authentic paddlewheelers, each package also includes guest historians, authors and ecologists to enrich the onboard experience.

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