6 top quality Aldi red wines you should buy for winter

Aldi wine is actually pretty good. Award-winning good.

As the days get cooler, a smooth glass of red in front of the fire is a lovely way to end the day.

And you don’t need to spend a fortune. Aldi wine expert and buying director Jason Bowyer has listed his best winter reds which are less than $15.

This year, the most popular red wines are lighter and smoother. Bowyer says they “give you a warming feeling of winter without being overpowering.”

Here’s six red Aldi wines we know you will love.

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Vinatero Old Vine Grenache 2020 $10.99

Old Vine Grenache is a small batch wine from McLaren Vale, SA. This Aldi wine is vegan-friendly and embodies a pinot-noir like subtlety. Expect baked cherry aromas, layered with mulberry and cranberry.

Cheese match: Germain Le Pico Cheese $5.99.

This traditional goat’s milk cheese originates from Perigord, France. Its rich taste and soft texture make it a perfect match for your Aldi wine.

Vinatero Old Vine Grenache, Eastern Laneway Vintners Grampians Shiraz and Seppelt Hundredweight Hill Shiraz. © Aldi

Eastern Laneway Vintners Grampians Shiraz 2020 $11.99

Produced in a ‘single vineyard’ in the Grampians, this vegan-friendly wine is packed with flavour. Vibrant aromatics of raspberry, cherry and cranberry make this Shiraz a unique treat.

Cheese match: Emporium Selection Dutch Gouda Cheese $3.99.

Imported from the Netherlands, this mild and creamy cheese will go down a delight with Eastern Laneway’s Shiraz.

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Seppelt Hundredweight Hill Shiraz 2019 $12.99

This Aldi wine has dark berry fruits and a fine savoury texture which is unique to the Heathcote region. Its great length and tannins give it a shelf life of up to five years.

Cheese match: Emporium Selection Double Cream Camembert $4.49.

Handcrafted in Gippsland, Victoria, this French style cheese has a smooth and velvety texture. Its distinctive fruit and nut flavour makes it a perfect match with this Shiraz.

The beautiful Mclaren Vale region where Aldi’s Vinatero Old Vine Grenache 2020 originates. ©Unsplashed

Wolf Blass Exclusive Release Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 $14.99

You can expect a fresh and youthful taste from this Aldi exclusive release. Layers of black fruit and a cool white pepper aroma give it a concentrated texture.

Cheese match: Emporium Selection Original Club Cheddar $4.29.

Pair this Aldi wine with the crumbly and sharp cheddar from Emporium Selection. Both bold flavours, this beautifully handcrafted cheddar pairs perfectly with the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wolf Blass Exclusive Release Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon, Humo Blanco Organic Cabernet Sauvigno and Taylors Estate Special Release Clare Valley Shiraz. © Aldi

Humo Blanco Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 $11.99

Created by the famous Francois Lurton Group, this Chilean wine offers exceptional value for under $12. The organic Cab Sauv boasts a mix of sweet dark fruits, powerful ripe blackberry and spicy oak.

Cheese match: Emporium Selection Triple Cream Brie $4.49.

Handcrafted in Gippsland, Victoria, this triple cream brie is full-flavoured. Its velvety, smooth texture is perfect to offset the strong flavours of this Aldi wine.

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Taylors Estate Special Release Clare Valley Shiraz 2019 $14.99

One of Australia’s most awarded winemakers, Adam Eggins, is to thank for this one. Its minty edge complements the blackcurrant and berry flavours. Don’t rush this one down, this Aldi wine can last for up to 10 years.

Cheese match: Vernieres Roquefort Cheese Wedge $4.99

This sheep’s milk cheese is produced with traditional methods in Southern France. It’s soft spreadable texture and sharp taste will be irresistible for the blue cheese lovers.

Each affordable Aldi wine is made with some the best quality ingredients. ©Unsplashed

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