These new airless bike tyres never go flat

German company BigRep has designed 3D printed airless bike tyres that will never go flat.

“We were able to replace ‘air’ as a necessity in the tire by customising the pattern to be one of a three-layered honeycomb design,” BigRep Product Designer Marco Mattia Cristofori said.

The airless bike tyre design can be used for mountain bikes and road bikes in all weather and speed conditions.

“Perfecting the design is the trickiest part,” Cristofori said.

Small changes to the infill percentage or pattern can lead to different results in terms of weight and performance.

How are the airless tyres made?

BigRep prints the types on a 3D printer using ProFlex filament, a material known for flexibility, high-temperature resistance and durability.

Designers customise the rigidity and the infill pattern to suit different weather patterns and terrain. The current prototype which uses a three-layered honeycomb pattern, was designed for urban use.

Without air, the tyres never go flat. So you won’t have to pack a patch kit in your backpack when you go for a mountain bike ride.

Check out the airless bike tyres in the video below: