Get a Room! Airbnb launches new accommodation

With travellers looking for even more accommodation options, Airbnb has launched Airbnb Rooms, a new way to travel without breaking the bank.

Airbnb revolutionised the accommodation game for travellers when it launched in 2008, offering unique, sometimes quirky and affordable stays for business and pleasure. It’s since seen a whopping 1.4 billion guest arrivals – and expects more than 300 million check-in’s this year alone.

Despite the rising cost of living, travellers are still seeking adventures. So, there’s never been a better time for cost-effective accommodation. And that’s where Airbnb Rooms come in. And destined to be your new go-to for saving money while travelling.

Affordable Airbnb Rooms around the globe

Airbnb Rooms is what it says in the title – a private room in a house stay. Every Airbnb Room has a Host Passport to ensure you know your host before book and arrive for your stay. Beyond sharing a picture of your hosts, it has added info – like where they went to school, what they do for work and a fun fact for the ultimate conversation starter. The aim is for travellers to have more connected experiences with Airbnb.

There are already one million Airbnb Rooms listings in more than 60,000 cities and towns around the world. Including Melbourne and Sydney, which rank in the top four trending destinations.

How does Airbnb Rooms work?

The Airbnb Rooms category makes it easy to discover the curated set of listings. It filters information like access to shared spaces, having a kitchen, living room or backyard. New filters will also help searchers switch between Rooms, entire homes or all types of venues. Updated privacy features indicate if the bedroom door has a lock, if bathrooms are private or shared, and if anyone else will be home during your stay.

Upgrades and new features

The main hub of Airbnb has also undergone intensive upgrades and added 50+ new features. Including transparent checkout instructions, improved maps, redesigned wish lists, and showcasing more affordable monthly stays. There’s also a 24/7 support team to help when you’re on a trip.

Tools for Hosts

If you’re a Host, there are new pricing tools to help set competitive prices, add weekly and monthly discounts, and compare your listing to similar ones in your area. A yearly view in calendar has also been added, as well as the simplifying checkout instructions and a new quick replies in messaging.

Airbnb Rooms London kitchen © Airbnb
Airbnb Rooms London accommodation © Airbnb

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