Everything you need to know about Air New Zealand’s Skynest

Air New Zealand unveiled its game-changing sleep pods in June 2022, but Skynest won’t be available to passengers until September 2024, and even then only on selected flights. However, Air New Zealand has revealed a few more details about the new offering, a tactic sure to entice those looking for ways to make long flights in economy seating a little easier to endure. 

“We’re delighted to announce that our innovative Economy Skynest will be launching on ultra-long haul flights, starting with the popular Auckland – New York and Auckland – Chicago routes,” says  Leanne Geraghty, Air New Zealand chief customer and sales officer. “Skynest provides a unique and innovative way for our passengers to rest and recharge, making their journey with us even more enjoyable. By launching Skynest on these routes, we are bringing to life our commitment to providing choice, alongside the best possible experience for our passengers, and to continue to innovate and lead the way in the aviation industry.” 

People sleeping in sleep pod bunk beds.
Catching some Z’s © Air New Zealand

What is Air New Zealand’s Skynest? 

The economy-class bunk bed arrangement provides six sleep pods that are available for session bookings in four-hour blocks, with 30-minute gaps between each  session to allow cabin crew to change the bedding. Each sleep pod will have a seatbelt and feature a full-size pillow, sheets, blanket and earplugs, a reading light, USB outlet and ventilation. Each passenger will be limited to one session, with families travelling on the same ticket able to book a session for each passenger.

bunk beds in the new skynest by air new zealand
© Air New Zealand

How do I book a session in Skynest? 

Customers will be able to book a few hours of respite in Skynest as a ticket add-on during initial purchase, but their airline says it’s looking into making the upgrade possible to purchase at a later date, or even while onboard. Skynest is planned to be positioned between the economy and premium economy cabins on ultra-long haul flights, such as the routes between New York City, Chicago and Auckland, which have been confirmed for 2024. Skynest has also managed to be listed as a finalist in the Crystal Cabin Awards already. 

How much does Skynest cost? 

Air New Zealand anticipates that passengers looking to upgrade from a seat to a bed (for a few hours) can expect to pay between NZ$400 and NZ$600 (AUD$375 to AUD$565) for the pleasure. 

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