Ahura Resorts saving iguanas

Ahura Resorts

The discovery of a Fiji crested iguana in 2010 at Ahura Resort’s Likuliku Lagoon Resort on Malolo Island, Fiji, put to rest the 25-year-old belief that this species was extinct.

The demise of the iguana has been largely due to the destruction of its dry forest habitat through human activities and the introduction of non-native animals such as rats, cats, mongoose and goats, which either eat the iguanas or their food.

Ahura Resorts has been working to address the endangerment of the species with a major regeneration program that includes the first dry forest nursery established on the island that will grow plants that will help re-establish this crucial Iguana habitat.

Ahura Resorts

The team has carried out major controls of feral cat and rat populations, and has also assisted with the reforestation project. A catch, tag and release program is also well underway and an on-site captive breeding program has proven to be very successful with the first babies born in September, 2017. Two of the four babies are thriving and guests can see them when they visit the resort’s Iguana Sanctuary.


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