New adventure tours launch in Queensland and Tasmania

While international travel is still on hold, Grasshopper Adventures, has announced they are bringing their multi-active adventures back to the homeland with the launch of new tours in Tasmania and Queensland. 

For 15 years the Australian owned company has been operating cycling tours in Laos and Cambodia. However the disruption brought on by COVID-19 became the impetus for the company to finally make the jump and release a range of tours back in Australia. 

And with new tours, comes new adventures as they branch beyond biking to offer a range of activities including hiking and kayaking – all in beautiful scenery, of course. Initially, these tours will begin just in Tasmania and Queensland, however, the company hopes to introduce other destinations soon. 

Fortescue Bay kayaking. Image: Grasshopper Adventures
Fortescue Bay kayaking. Image: Grasshopper Adventures

“To really experience the natural environment in a meaningful way, we had to go beyond biking,” explains Grasshopper owner and chief, Adam Platt-Hepworth who grew up in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. 

“We also regard it as crucial to avoid lots of vehicle time and packing/unpacking. The tours are designed so that you spend maximum time outdoors, in nature and with like-minded people.” 

Highlights travellers can get excited for include: 

  1. Riding through the rustic landscape of the Brisbane Valley and hanging out in a tiny country pub for an evening
  2. Hiking the trails of the Bunya Mountains and learning about the major aboriginal corroborees that took place there, centred around the sacred tree by the same name
  3. Kayaking the Noosa Everglades 
  4. Biking the subtly beautiful northeast Tasmanian countryside then hiking the coast at Freycinet
  5. Kayaking the dramatic coast of the Tasman Peninsula in the sheltered waters of Fortescue Bay

Designed with a view to maximising community involvement, the tours feature visits to wineries, artisan’s studios and local farms. While accommodation options are typically small-scale, family-owned properties.

Grasshopper Adventures’ Australia collection is on sale now with scheduled dates starting from Australia’s spring and well into 2021 and beyond.

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Feature image: Somerset Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. Image: Supplied/Grasshopper Adventures

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