Australia’s newest agave spirit has arrived – just don’t call it tequila

Act of Treason is a 100% agave spirit from Australia’s newest and most progressive distillery in the Whitsundays.

Pioneering the new era of distilling with the release of the inaugural First Harvest Blanco signals the arrival of Australian coastal agave. Act of Treason is a dedicated agave spirit farmed and distilled in Queensland’s Whitsundays. Several years in the making, Act of Treason is ideal for All Australian Margaritas or simply for sipping.

The Queensland Dry Tropics, unique terroir, unprecedented agronomy, and a distillery and production facility powered by renewable energy give Act of Treason its unique flavour and character. Located between Airlie Beach and Bowen in Queensland’s Whitsundays region, the farm and distillery is home to more than 600,000 Agave tequilana, the same plant used in the distillation of tequila for centuries.

The farm is unmistakably Australian. Located 20 degrees south of the equator – a mirror image of tequila’s home in Mexico. Flanked by eucalypts and shared with native wildlife, its creeks and waterways flow into the Coral Sea just 4km away. Meanwhile, the distillery has been designed to express the best Australian agave spirit possible.

Act of Treason Agave Margarita
Act of Treason is ideal for All Australian Margaritas

It is a proper farm-to-bottle operation with plants grown, cooked, distilled and bottled from 100% Agave tequilana (Blue Weber) at the Eden Lassie spirit farm and distillery. All powered by renewable energy with biodiesel is just one element of sustainability. Upcycled shipping containers, an energy-saving sub-cooler, a custom-designed ultra-small batch still and double copper pot distillation are just a few of the innovative features that have been built into Australia’s newest and most progressive distillery.

Australian Agave Spirit Farm

Situated on 374 hectares (the equivalent of 187 Melbourne Cricket Grounds), the Eden Lassie farm is located on the Bruce Highway between Airlie Beach and Bowen in Queensland’s Whitsundays. The farm and distillery are uniquely part of the Queensland Dry Tropics locals call The Dome. The region has a unique microclimate that mirrors the climate of Jalisco and the town of Tequila in Mexico.

Blue Weber Agave (Agave Tequilana Weber Azul) is the same plant for the distillation of tequila. However, this plantation 150km north in Ayr, Queensland, must acclimatise to Australia – specifically, Queensland’s dry tropical north – which makes it True Blue Aussie Agave.

Australian Agave Spirit Farm
The farm and distillery are uniquely Australian

Spirit Profile

Far from being a carbon copy of tequila, Act of Treason embraces its own identity with a distinct profile that exemplifies the best of Australian agave. A familiar backbone of smoky agave with notes of lime, fresh cut grass and tropical fruits – think peach and pineapple. And a long finish on the palate with agave, baked citrus peel, and lingering sweet lime.

The spirit has already received accolades. Awarded a Gold Medal and Trophy for Alternative Spirit Of The Year at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards in 2023.

Act of Treason is available from the brand’s website,

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