Abercrombie & Kent: Insider access to North Africa and the Middle East

Abercrombie & Kent has announced their new journey portfolio to take you to the heart of North Africa and the Middle East. Discover the region’s most alluring and iconic destinations in extraordinary comfort and style.

From the vibrant lanes of a Moroccan souk to the uncanny stillness of Israel’s Dead Sea. The majestic hand-woven carpets of Oman’s opalescent mosques to the stunning wildflowers on the hills of Jordan. Visit the sculpted red dunes of Saudi Arabia or the towering, Pharaonic temples of Egypt. It’s a fascinating region of ancient civilisations.

Abercrombie & Kent: Signature Insider Access

Insider Access offers real encounters and insider-access experiences unmatched anywhere else. Pay a visit to the Berber Villages in Morocco and join a local home for traditional bread and tea. Cosy-up around the table over a lovingly prepared meal in Bethlehem; you’ll share stories and laughter in their charming abode with a family. Walk straight into the tomb of King Tutankhamen with VIP access, followed by seeing Luxor’s temples in a hot-air balloon. Witness the panoramic view of the world’s most incredible open-air museum.

The Nile in Style

Immerse yourself in the ancient and modern highlights of exotic Cairo in the company of one of A&K’s signature expert Egyptologists. Discover the fascinating temples and tombs along the river from Luxor to Aswan aboard the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV, one of the finest small ships on the river.

Mosaic & Medinas

Venture into vibrant Morocco, full of grand imperial cities, spectacular landscapes, ancient ruins, bustling souks, beautiful handicrafts and mouth-watering cuisine. Breathe in the aromas of Marrakech by day whilst enjoying luxury boutique hotels, infused with Moroccan character, by night. Explore the hauntingly beautiful ruins of Sala Colonia. Get lost in the narrow alleyways of the old medina in Fes.

Abercrombie & Kent: Intimate Small Group Journeys

With intimate groups of no more than 18 guests, with guaranteed departures with two guests, Abercrombie & Kent’s small group journeys blend iconic and off-the-beaten-track destinations with extraordinary Insider Access.

Jordan & Israel: Ancient Wonders

Wander through ancient Roman cities, crusader castles and poignant Biblical sites. Marvel at the extraordinary Nabataean caravan-city of Petra, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Relax in the mineral-laden waters of the Dead Sea and discover the desert canyons of Wadi Rum. Enjoy all this adventure while savouring unbeatable Levantine cuisine.

Saudi Arabia: Desert Kingdoms

Saudi Arabia reveals a vast array of architectural marvels and ancient icons. Discover the ancient carved temples of Madain Saleh and stand in awe at the sophisticated rock art of Jubbah. Explore fascinating Riyadh, the bustling pilgrim port of Jeddah, and the Red Sea’s azure waters.

Abercrombie & Kent: Inspiring Bespoke Journeys

Leave the planning to the experts. A&K’s tailor-made itineraries are curated to match your interests, style, and budget. They have handpicked the best guides for their modern, cultural and historical expertise. With the crème de la crème of luxury accommodations in every destination and 24/7 On-Call Support. A&K can make your bespoke travel dream a reality.

Discover Abercrombie & Kent’s full range of North Africa & Middle East journeys. Or download the 2023-24 North Africa & Middle East Brochure.

This article was produced in partnership with Abercrombie & Kent. www.abercrombiekent.com.au

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