A snapshot of life in the Northern Territory

Kayla Jackson is a photographer in the Royal Australian Navy. Originally based in Sydney, Kayla moved to Darwin with her now-husband Liam, and lived there for almost two years. With her camera and Liam by her side, Kayla explored as much of Darwin and the Northern Territory as possible.

How was it living in Darwin?

We didn’t know what to expect when moving to Darwin. We felt it was going to be a big adventure, and it really was! We fell in love with the relaxed culture, welcoming faces, Asian influences with food and the natural beauty at the doorstep of Darwin. I also loved the predictability of the dry and the excitement of the wet season and how it changed the landscape. Thinking about this now makes me miss the place.

Kayla Jackson

What was your favourite pastime in Darwin?

My favourite pastime in Darwin was starting the weekend off with a fresh icy lime and ginger juice at Parap Markets before heading off to a waterfall in one of the surrounding national parks for a night in our swag under the stars. We would return to Darwin to watch the sunset at Casuarina beach or Darwin Ski Club, where we could have a cold beer and listen to live music.

What place in Darwin would you definitely go back to?

I often crave Mary’s laksa and the tasty juices at Parap Markets. A place I dream about returning to is Butterfly Gorge, near Douglas Hot Springs. We just love the adventure of four-wheel driving into the area, then going for a bushwalk and wading across the creek bed, ducking and weaving through the dense foliage before it opens up to a magnificent gorge. You can swim across the big bottom pool and climb up and through multiple levels of waterfalls in the gorge as butterflies fly around you. Stunning!

Kayla Jackson

What was your first exposure to photography?

I’ve always had a creative imagination and with my mother being a photographer it was just something that was part of my childhood. I have been a professional photographer in the Royal Australian Navy for five years and since moving to Darwin in 2016, I have started to capture our adventures more frequently.

What is your ideal shooting subject?

My ideal shooting subject would have to be my husband in Patagonia … (or any beautiful place that is beautifully lit).

Kayla Jackson

What type of photography are you drawn to?

Environmental portraiture…showing Mother Nature’s absolute beauty and accentuating her mass by adding a person for scale. Additionally, I am drawn to the early morning, twilight and sunset lights…(as most photographers will tell you). I always want to have my camera out during those times.

One day, where would you like to see your photography and why?

My ultimate dream would be to travel to unique destinations with photography. Capturing the cultures, wonders and beauties of the world. The reason for this is I live for adventure, I am my happiest when I am travelling with my husband Liam and I feel it is where I thrive.


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