A pearler in Broome

Shinju Matsuri

A beautiful time to be in Broome is during the annual Shinju Matsuri (Japanese for ‘Festival of the Pearl’), held from 25 August to 2 September, 2018.

Shinju Matsuri rekindles the excitement and romance of Broome’s early days when the Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Koepangers, Filipino and Europeans flocked here from the late 1800s to try and make their fortunes with Broome’s world-renowned South Sea Pearls. This unique multicultural population of pearl industry workers joined with the local Aboriginal people and Europeans to work on up to 400 pearling luggers that sailed out of Broome.

Shinju matsuri

Shinju Matsuri 2018 will feature the A View to Asia exhibition – Broome’s version of Sculpture by the Sea held on the absolutely beautiful Cable Beach. The Float Parade is not to be missed on 29 August, and the hauntingly beautiful Floating Lantern Matsuri will take place on 31 August. All visitors and locals are encouraged to send a message to the universe in a floating lantern then watch it float in glowing unison into the sunset.

The Sunset Long Table dinner set on Cable Beach is on 1 September and the Festival Finale on 2 September, with a concert and fireworks that add to the light show in the star-studded skies above.


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