A letter from our editor, Jac Taylor: what’s next for Vacations & Travel

A mere couple of months ago I was in a soaring underground ‘cathedral’ room beneath an Austrian ski resort in the Arlberg, slowing my breathing. On this typically non-stop journalists’ trip, a yoga class injected a pause into the schedule and reminded me just how unaccustomed my deadline-ridden, flight-folded body had become to a simple stretch. I realised – a little uncomfortably – how long it had been since I’d concentrated on my breathing alone. 

That seems like a lifetime ago, since the era of coronavirus has changed everything we thought we knew about our lives, our lifestyles and of course, our travels. My world has shrunk from yoga classes in Austrian ski resorts to excitement over my daily walk to the end of my street. And the sudden pause of everything we thought made up our lives has been more than a little unaccustomed. 

During these extraordinary times, many of us have suddenly become, perhaps a little uncomfortably, aware of our own breathing. But, just like in yoga, when we breathe, we stretch… and we take the time to renew, to regain our awareness of who we really are.

And who are we? Here at Vacations & Travel, we are travellers – as are our readers. We are dyed in the wool, dedicated to the journey as much as the destination. We are joined together by a mutual love of the planet in all its glory: its beauty, its complexity, its weave of people and cultures. 

While travel itself may be off the menu for now, it takes more than a temporary pause to stop our dreams to crisscross the globe once again – by plane, by train, by boat, by foot if we have to – when it’s all over. Turning those dreams into plans will ensure the travel industry stays healthy enough to host us once this period passes. We believe it is time, more than ever, to pore over those maps and dream up those ultimate itineraries. 

Exciting news and the way forward

In the spirit of renewal, we have some exciting news about our own journey: Vacations & Travel is now a part of Signature Media’s wonderful stable of travel titles. Our team has an overwhelming sense of ‘coming home’, being welcomed amongst a tribe of like-minded travel tragics (sorry, experts)! 

Over the next months, we are taking a deep breath and developing our offerings for you. We are remembering who we are and harking back to our roots – reshaping our title to become a more inclusive travel experience, covering not only luxury destinations and products but a wider array of tours, places and accommodations. We know our readers are interested in a place or an experience because it is exceptional – not just because it wears five stars. 

During this period, we are also concentrating on our digital presence only; it’s more important than ever to ensure you are subscribed to our online newsletter to keep up to date. Our website will be our main hub, giving you new reads from short news snippets to fascinating long reads, plus videos to bring you to the world’s most beautiful and intriguing places. There has never been a better time to actually sit down with a cup of tea and allow our contributors (some of the best in the business, even if we say so ourselves) to take you away across the globe. We are also partnering with some of Australia’s best travel photographers, offering spectacular digital photo essays to feed your soul. 

Our print magazine will return with a bumper summer issue we are already planning – because if nothing else, this pause gives us a moment to not only breathe, but to bend and stretch and think of new ways to delight our readers. 

For now, we’ll see you online. We are thinking of you all – stay well and safe, don’t forget to stretch, and do join us on our next journeys at vacationstravel.com. 

Very best wishes,
Jac Taylor


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