3 Nagas, Luang Prabang, Laos


Quietly musing in the ancient royal capital of Luang Prabang, The 3 Nagas Restaurant is located in one of two historic properties that make up the 3 Nagas M Gallery Collection by Sofitel. We sit under a mango tree in the courtyard rather than inside, to soak up the ambience and breathe in the tropical scents of frangipani and lemongrass that dance on the breeze. The menu is overflowing with Laotian fare, so we choose a variety of dishes to start our culinary education. Perhaps the most surprising is Khaiphaen Jeund – Mekong riverweed served with a spicy buffalo jam. Who would have thought that river weed could be so delicious? Then comes a parade of deliciousness; Phanaeng Kai – minced curry chicken in coconut milk, Khoua Sine Ngoua Sai Kathiem – sautéed beef with garlic and onion in oyster sauce, Mhok Het – steamed mushrooms in banana leaf with lemongrass and Lao herbs and Ping Sine Kwai – grilled marinated buffalo with coffee sauce. To finish off, the Chuem Mak Moung – flambéed mango in orange and Lao whisky with coconut sorbet was sublime. As for the perfect beverage? Beer Laos of course.


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