10 reasons why your next holiday should be a luxury cruise

If you would like to discover amazing itineraries and prefer the tailored experiences you get when travelling on a small ship, then luxury cruising is the only way to travel.

PONANT is the World Leader of Luxury Expeditions and here are 10 great reasons to consider them when planning your next cruise…

1. Cruise aboard a modern, young fleet

Le Lapérouse, PONANT

Cruising on a young and modern fleet provides a level of comfort and confidence that you just don’t get on other, more dated fleets. Whether you’ve just returned from exploring the Antarctic Icebergs aboard a Zodiac® or spent the day wandering the streets of Barcelona, it’s nice to come back to all the modern comforts you should expect from a luxury cruise line. PONANT comprises one of the youngest fleets in the world with the just launched Le Lapérouse and they have another six new ships to be launched before 2021.
Take a closer look at where PONANT can take you.

2. Intimate Ships with a Private Balcony


While some ships dominate the landscape with their size and environmental footprint, PONANT’s compact size fleet gives the traveller an intimate and private cruising experience.
Accommodating from just 64 guests on our 3-masted yacht to a maximum of 264 guests, with most rooms having their own private balcony, these ships make you feel as if you are sailing on your own private yacht.
Discover PONANT’s unique itineraries and luxurious ships by requesting a brochure today.

3. A gastronomical experience

PONANT, luxury cruise

Forget packed communal dining areas and underwhelming menus, aboard a PONANT luxury cruise you will discover delicious meals, fragrant flavours, carefully selected cheeses and wines, delicious specialty breads… even sweet pastries imagined by Maison Lenôtre. And, as of very recently, Maison Taillevent provides its fine selection of vintage wines by the glass, Veuve Clicquot accompanies our gala cocktails, and the Ladurée bakery has a place of honour for afternoon tea.
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4. Exciting itineraries

PONANT, Corinth Canal

Because of the compact size of the PONANT luxury fleet, a whole range of destinations open up to the cruise traveller, which are simply not possible on larger ships. An perfect example of this can be seen here, with our ship passing through the Corinth Canal. PONANT have designed itineraries that are rich in encounters and discovery all over the world: mooring in the heart of secret bays in the Mediterranean, sailing between the majestic icebergs of Antarctica, expeditions to the remote lands of Alaska, or island-hopping in the Caribbean Sea.
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5. Solo cruising options

PONANT, solo cruise

If you or any of your friends are interested in cruising to fascinating destinations on a compact, luxury cruise ship, PONANT has a number of packages that can benefit single travellers… Starting with no single supplement on a selection of voyages.** With a range of exotic destinations from around the world for you to discover, why not consider taking your next holiday with PONANT?
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6. Luxury Expeditions

PONANT, expedition cruise

When you choose a PONANT Expedition cruise, you are choosing comfort, refinement and discovery. Irrespective of the destination, from the icy poles to the great Amazonian rivers, the remote landscape of the Kimberley or the jungles of Borneo, PONANT takes you off the beaten track, as close as possible to nature, often far from mainstream maritime routes. Expedition itineraries offer flexibility at all times: Our Captains and Expedition Leaders can make unscheduled stops and Zodiac® landings to let guests enjoy the surprises of nature.
Quench your thirst for adventure with PONANT.

7. Encounter local cultures


Travelling with renowned anthropologists, historians, botanists, geologists, naturalists and ornithologists, enables you to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the local cultures and the world which they live in. PONANT guests have the opportunity to engage with ancient cultures all around the world. You can encounter the tribes of the Asmat region of West Papua or the Inuit of Northern Canada.
Whichever local culture you visit you can rest assured that you will do so in complete safety and luxury with PONANT.

8. Observing wildlife up close

Royal penguin, PONANT

One of the many advantages of travelling on a luxury small ship is that you are able to travel through a landscape with minimal disturbance to the wildlife. It’s also easier and quicker to board your Zodiac for a quick visit to shore where you will encounter everything from the King Penguins of South Georgia to the curious Orangutan of Borneo. PONANT’s expert expedition team are always on hand to answer any questions and in such an intimate small ship setting, guests form a real camaraderie with their fellow travellers and crew.
Get up close to the local wildlife on your next cruise.

9. World-first Blue Eye underwater lounge

Le Lapérouse, PONANT, Blue Eye

PONANT, in keeping with its pioneering spirit, has launched a world-first: Le Lapérouse is the first cruise ship on Earth to be equipped with a multi-sensory underwater space, called Blue Eye. A specially designed room with two large portholes looking out upon the sub-aquatic world. Integrated digital screens project the images filmed live by three underwater cameras along with an immersive sound experience which can be felt in the Body Listening sofas, which discreetly vibrate in unison with the ocean’s natural cycles.
Experience it for yourself aboard a PONANT luxury cruise.

10. Luxury Icebreaker


Reach the Geographic North Pole, complete a crossing of the Arctic Ocean and discover Greenland’s extreme North East or probe the icy wilderness of Antarctica. From 2021, in a refined onboard environment offering luxury services of a kind never before provided in the far extremes of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the newest addition to the PONANT fleet will be taking guests in the footsteps of the great polar explorers. More than just conventional cruises, these are true polar expeditions.
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