Resort caters to wheelchair rugby team

The Sargood on Collaroy, the world’s first purpose-built resort for people with spinal cord injuries, is set to host Great Britain’s wheelchair rugby team in the lead-up to the IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championships.

Located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, this world-first resort offers its guests luxury and practicality alongside some of the most beautiful beachside views in Sydney.

Finding accommodation is a constant issue for the athletes, but the Saragood will offer the British team a chance to relax, unwind and prepare in the leadup to the championships.

With so much being provided and made accessible, the team are able to concentrate on the tournament in place of being caught up in logistical challenges, according to Lee Stutley, team manager and medical support services coordinator. “Travelling as a team can be challenging. When we book accessible rooms at hotels we need to bring our own adapted equipment.” You can only imagine the debacle when it comes to checking in luggage at the airport.

Accessible for athletes

The Saragood, which opened in 2016, provides the solution for groups like these, multiple people in wheelchairs, and allows guests to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay. Not only are the 17 apartments super accessible for the athletes, but there is also a state-of-the-art therapy area and a wheelchair friendly gymnasium on the grounds. The hotel staff are experts in the area with experience in spinal injury management and recreational therapy.

Great Britain team captain Chris Ryan said, ‘There is no other place like Saragood on Collaroy in the world. The entire team is keen to test out the gym, but I will most appreciate the freedom and independence a place like that will give our team.”

In addition to providing a comfortable place to stay, The Saragood will provide its international athlete guests with a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. The easy stay will ensure that the team enjoy the World Championship experience without the hassle and fuss that travelling in a group usually entails.

The IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championships will take place between August 5 and 11 at the Sydney Olympic Park Complex and Netball Central.